Along an unpaved county road somewhere in the heartland, an old woman packs boxes in the emptied rooms of her long-time home while outside, the roar of dump trucks grows nearer.

In the Land of Enchantment, a dusty brown leather suitcase rests at the feet of a man who’d once left his wife for the dream of the West, and now, thirty years later, waits to board a train back to the home he left behind.

Meanwhile, down South, to appease an inquiring daughter, a divorced mother finally spills out the secrets locked in suitcases she’s carried back and forth, back and forth, on the journey between her Iranian homeland and her American refuge.

The Rear View Roadshow presents these three remarkable characters as they stand in that clearing where the velocity of life confronts the comfort of the familiar. As these characters are compelled forward, they must first sort through the material accumulations that keep them connected to the past.

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